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At Focus NDT our experience with AUT dates back to the beginnings of offshore pipeline inspection utilizing Fitness for Purpose acceptance criteria from API 1104 Appendix A. We have been involved with the evolution of ultrasonic pipeline inspection of welds through the adoption of DNV criteria and are recently supporting the use of ASME Code Case criteria for both ToFD and Phased Array inspections. Currently the following ASME Code Cases outlining accept / reject criteria are being adopted:

  • ASME Code Case 2235-9 for Pressure Vessels employing ToFD and Conventional Shear Wave UT
  • ASME Code Case 179 for ASME B31.1 UT in lieu of RT for Pressure Piping applications
  • ASME Code Case 181 for ASME B31.3 UT in lieu of RT for Process Piping applications

In addition, the following ASME Code Cases outline proper execution of the following:

  • ASME Code Case 2541, Manual Phased Array utilizing a single fixed angle
  • ASME Code Case 2557, Manual Raster Scanning utilizing Phased Array S-scan
  • ASME Code Case 2558, Manual Raster Scanning utilizing Phased Array E-scan
  • ASME Code Case 2599, Encoded Scanning utilizing Phased Array E-scan
  • ASME Code Case 2600, Encoded Scanning utilizing Phased Array S-scan

Building customer satisfaction through Service expertise, Safety and Reliability, we can assess the current state of equipment by detecting flaws and failure mechanisms at their initial stages. Such resolution is extremely important in regards to Pipeline Integrity Assessment.  By offering outstanding recording and repeatability in such inspections proper trending data is attained to support both Remaining Life Evaluation and Risk Based Inspection planning.

Some of Focus NDT’s inspection services with pipelines have included both weld assessments and integrity inspections of the following pressure and process lines:

  • Natural Gas
  • Oil
  • Sour Gas
  • Tar Sand / Bitumen
  • Mineral Slurries
  • Caustic or Acid
  • Steam
  • Water
  • Air

Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) of pipe welds for the pipeline industry, Oil and Gas and Pulp and Paper to name a few. This inspection utilizes Phased Array / Tofd or a combination of both testing methods

Single Sided Phased Array

TOFT / Dual Sided Phased Array

PA TOFD Pipeline Longseam Inspection

Corrosion Mapping

Weld Inspection

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Our diverse global experience and technical expertise has given us the opportunity to work for large and small clients performing specialized inspections, including:

Kinder Morgan
Goldcorp Inc.
Canfor Pulp Products Inc.
Apache Corporation
Pembina Pipeline Corporation
Cessco Fabrication & Engineering Ltd.
Tech Coal