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Focus NDT employees place an empasis on safety and compliance while efficiently using time and financial resources. Our technology-based procedures collect accurate and valuable data to detect flaws and irregularities in pipelines before resulting in severe damage. Both intrusive and non-intrusive methods are performed through every stage in the life-span of pipeline equipment and assets. Such continual attention leads to early detection and regularly scheduled repair and replacement, saving clients from unexpected losses.

Evaluation For The Pipeline Industry:

  • Full Pipeline Integrity Services
  • Automated / Advanced Ultrasonic examination of long seams and butt welds
  • Shear Wave Inspection
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • Radiography Inspections
  • Inline tool validation
  • Internal corrosion mapping (Mapscan)
  • External corrosion survey (Laser Scan)
  • New pipeline construction examination
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI)
  • Fitness for service

  • New Construction

    At Focus NDT, our experience with Automated Ultrasonic Testing ( AUT) began with offshore pipeline inspection utilizing Fitness for Purpose acceptance criteria from API 1104 and CSA Z662.

    By building customer satisfaction through Service Expertise, Safety and Reliability, we can assess the current state of equipment by detecting flaws and failure mechanisms at their initial stages. Such resolution is extremely important in regards to Pipeline Integrity Assessment. By offering outstanding recording and repeatability in such inspections, proper trending data is attained to support both Remaining Life Evaluation and Risk Based Inspection planning.

    Some of Focus NDT’s inspection services with pipelines have included both weld assessments and integrity inspections of the following pressure and process lines:

    • Natural Gas
    • Oil
    • Sour Gas
    • Tar Sand/Bitumen
    • Mineral Slurries
    • Caustic or Acid
    • Steam
    • Water
    • Air

    Pipeline Integrity and Analysis

    Corrosion Mapping Brochure (PDF – 131 KB)
    3D Laser Scanner Brochure (PDF – 758 KB)

    Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) of pipe welds for the pipeline industry, Oil & Gas and Pulp & Paper to name a few. This inspection utilizes Phased Array/TOFD or a combination of both testing methods.

    PA TOFD Pipeline Longseam Inspection

    Corrosion Mapping

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    Our diverse global experience and technical expertise has given us the opportunity to work for large and small clients performing specialized inspections.