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To be certain of the material integrity of aging components in the Refinery Industry, periodic Non-Destructive Examinations are a necessity. History has revealed many subtle flaws and failure mechanisms that require inspection equipment and techniques with a high Probability of Detection (POD) and accurate and repeatable flaw sizing. At Focus NDT ultrasonic techniques such as Phased Array, ToFD and Automated Ultrasonic Testing are employed to meet this demand.
Some critical assessments accomplished by NDT in the Refinery industry are outlined below:

  • ToFD / Shear wave UT on Hydrocracker Reactors to detect and monitor cracks (flaws detectable at initial stages)
  • AUS (Acousto-Ultrasonic Systems) in H-Scan on Reformer Tubes for early detection of ID / OD creep voids (more sensitive than Radiography)
  •  Shear wave UT & Phased Array on Pressure Vessels for the identification of fatigue cracks in Vertical and Circumferential weld seams as well as Skirt to Shell welds.

Recent assessments of NDT techniques have proven Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) techniques to be superior at detecting:

  • General Erosion
  • ID Corrosion
  • Welding Flaws – Non-planer
  • Cracking / LOF
  • Hydrogen Surface Cracking – Connected
  • Hydrogen Blistering – Embedded
  • Creep Damage – Embedded
  • High Temperature Hydrogen Attack

Where AUT techniques experience their limits is with surface related flaws. However, most of these flaw scenarios (that is, surface breaking flaws) can be adequately assessed by employing Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) or Penetrant Testing (PT) which are both uncomplicated and reliable methodologies.
With the versatility, sensitivity and reliability of the previously mentioned methods and techniques, rigorous trending data can be acquired for Remaining Life Evaluation and Risk Based Assessment programs.

Know how your assets wear so that repairs and replacements can be properly scheduled saving against expensive unplanned downtime and lost production!!

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