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At FocusNDT we have the latest technology to perform your NDT requirements. Our range of technical services can be performed in the most remote environments. We can perform AUT/MUT, MT, and PT inspections without the requirements of common workplace utility access (for example, Plant Outages disabling 110-220V line power, compressed air, lighting and water services) Consumable Products are either environmentally friendly or we can implement remedial waste capture. We can ensure that sewage treatment microbes will not be disturbed. Special circumstances? We can accommodate.

AUT/MUT – Automated Ultrasonic Testing / Manual Ultrasonic Testing

[nggallery id=”7″] Fully outfitted Mobile Ultrasonic Labs with 2000 or 3000 watt built in True Sine inverter power supplies [nggallery id=”8″] Phased Array technology with encoded scan recording [nggallery id=”9″]
  • Manual Phased Array technology with screen capture
  • ToFD (Time of Flight Diffraction)technology with encoded scan recording (Dual ToFD capable)
  • Automated Multi-channel conventional UT technology with encoded scan recording
  • Manual Ultrasonic technology with A-scan capture
[nggallery id=”10″] Ultrasonic Thickness technology (with A-scan capture also available)

Wire Rope Inspection

Single Sided Phased Array / Weld Inspection.

Phased Array / TOFD Weld Inspection

Phased Array / TOFD Pipeline Longseam Inspection

[nggallery id=”11″]
  • Corrosion Mapping
  • Boiler Tube / Thin Wall Inspections
  • Cobra Scanner (low profile wedges and probes)

Raised Face Flange scanner

[nggallery id=”12″] Please take a look at our Raised Face Flange Scanner brochure. [nggallery id=”13″] Tank and large diameter pipe thickness surveys

Crawler Thickness Survey

MT – Magnetic Particle Testing

[nggallery id=”14″] Visible Magnetic Particle AC & DC yoke inspection (Battery powered for remote locals) [nggallery id=”15″] Fluorescent Magnetic Particle AC & DC yoke inspection(Battery powered for remote locals)

PT – Penetrant Testing

[nggallery id=”16″] Visible Penetrant Inspection [nggallery id=”17″] Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

Plant Outage / No Power Days

[nggallery id=”18″] Whenever projects require line power (eg. for lighting, grinding, compressed air) where none is available, we have generator capability to be completely self sufficient. We also make use of a range of cordless tools to facilitate ease of inspection.

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Reliable & Responsive Expertise

Our diverse global experience and technical expertise has given us the opportunity to work for large and small clients performing specialized inspections, including:

Kinder Morgan
Goldcorp Inc.
Canfor Pulp Products Inc.
Apache Corporation
Pembina Pipeline Corporation
Cessco Fabrication & Engineering Ltd.
Tech Coal