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Welcome to Focus NDT. Building on our decades of experience in the NDT industry, we employ the latest available technologies to service our clientele. We are committed to safe working practices and believe in nurturing and mentoring our staff of technicians.

What is NDT / NDE?

NDT – Non-Destructive Testing
NDE – Non-Destructive Examination

NDT was born out of the Military world to assess Quality Control in Aerospace. Due to its ability to check steels and metal alloys, NDT was quickly adopted in other transport sectors such as ship building, submarine & vehicle (cars / trucks, tanks) manufactured both in the military and private sectors.

It was later extended to artillery gun barrels, ammunition shell casings and any manufactured component that required Quality Control assessment. At that time guidelines were developed as Military Specifications and Standards so that private sector industry could bid on Defense contracts and legally meet such requirements.

NDT methods have become the materials evaluation choice in the field on all private sector areas.

Infrastructure Construction

Pipe & Tube

Storage Tanks

Because NDT methods employ such technologies as X-ray and ultrasound, the field has continued to benefit from developments made in the medical field, particularly in the realm of imaging

X-Ray Radiography and Ultrasound in Medicine

Real-Time Radiography and Phased Array in NDT

Today, the NDT technician has become the front-line diagnostic professional providing material “health” measurement and monitoring to all industries.

Due to the versatility of NDT techniques, assessments of material quality are performed on both new constructions to ensure minimum standards as well as in maintenance capacities to assess wear and time when overhauls to existing structures should be performed.

Thus not surprisingly, the insurance industry has become a driving force at present to require NDT testing in its risk assessment and liability programs.

The most common standardized and certified NDT methods are:

  • MT – Magnetic Particle Testing
  • PT – Penetrant Testing
  • RT – Radiographic Testing
  • UT – Ultrasonic Testing
  • ET – Eddy Current Testing
  • VT – Visual Testing

In Canada our certifying agency is Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) who administers the certification process as outlined by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB). The CGSB is credited for having the foresight to extend the program globally by associating with the International Standards Organization (ISO). Certification for all above since 1996 has met ISO standards and is recognized globally now.

Other examination methods that don’t carry certified practices are also being both developed and advanced to meet the needs of broader materials evaluation.

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Our diverse global experience and technical expertise has given us the opportunity to work for large and small clients performing specialized inspections, including:

Kinder Morgan
Goldcorp Inc.
Canfor Pulp Products Inc.
Apache Corporation
Pembina Pipeline Corporation
Cessco Fabrication & Engineering Ltd.
Tech Coal